Does Taking More Pills Work?

Some diet products sell themselves by saying that you only need to take one pill in order to see results. Others work on the “the more pills you take the faster you will lose weight” principle. They claim that the more often you take their product, the more your body will burn fat. This is a problem, as your body can only burn so much fat in a day before you become sick. Your body needs a little bit of fat to keep it running throughout the day, and changing too much fat at one time can make you feel weak and faint.

Calogen promotes itself as a “three-tier system” which includes taking pills that are formulated to work differently in both the morning and the evening. One thing that draws many people to Calogel is that there are no stimulants in the formula, which is good for those who have a problem with caffeine. The problem? It isn’t proven to work. The main ingredient of Calogel is Collagen Hydrolsate, which has been found to help smooth out wrinkles in a person but has no proven weight loss abilities.

Calogel is safe to take and you may find that the product helps to smooth out any wrinkles you may have, but it is not proven to help a person lose weight.
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Why would you buy a product that helps you to get rid of wrinkles but that doesn’t help with the basic problem you bought it for? There are many other safe products that can help you to lose weight and may also help with any skin issues you have, including these five highly tested products below, each of which has been proven to help those who are overweight to shed the pounds they have been trying to lose.

Does Cacticurve Help Curb Carbs?

One of the biggest scams on the market has to be the carb scam. There are tons of diets available that say that eating carbs is bad for you. The truth is that your body actually needs carbs. If you were to follow one of these diets and cut all crabs out of your diet, you will find that you’re not only tired but irritable as well, and you may even get physically ill. Your body uses carbs as fuel and it is not advisable by any doctor to cut out all carbs from your diet. This is one reason that you have to be wary whenever you find a diet product that is billed as a carb blocking supplement.
Cacticurve is a diet pill that is designed not only to cut carbs but also to reduce appetite, helping those who have a problem with snacking to avoid eating when their body is not full. Testing on Cacticurve has shown that while it does help people by suppressing appetite originally, but that after time the product doesn’t work well, and there is no research to prove the claims by the company that it helps to absorb any carbs that are ingested.


While Cacticurve may be a good beginning diet pill, the long term effects do not warrant purchasing the product. It is also a good idea to stay away from carb blocking pills, as not having enough carbs in your body can be dangerous.

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These pills have been clinically tested to work and have been found to not only help those taking them work during the initial stages of dieting but to continue helping until your dieting goal is reached.

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