Lichi super fruit diet

This fruit is a native to the Southeast Asia and southern China because it usually lives in tropical and subtropical climates, but is already being grown in different parts of the world nowadays.

In China, Southeast Asia, India and south Asia, Lychees are usually served as a dessert or mixed in desserts dishes. The Lychee usually contains an average of 72 milligrams of Vitamin C every 100 grams of fruit. Nine pieces of Lychee would meet a person’s daily Vitamin C requirement.

Not only does it contain vitamin C which could help our immune system in fighting different types of diseases and illnesses, it also has other health benefits like antioxidants. A cup of Lychee also contains 14% daily value of Copper, 9% daily value of phosphorus, and 6% daily value of potassium for a 2000 calorie diet.

Benefits Of Lichi Super Fruit Diet

Like most foods which are plant-based, Lychees are low in sodium and saturated fat and are cholesterol free which makes it great for people who wants to lose or reduce weight. And because Lychee is an ideal food for people who are on a diet, a dietary supplement called Lichi Super Fruit Diet that comes in a pill form has been created by Bainbridge and Knight Laboratories.

The Lichi Super Fruit Diet pills are supplement extracts of Lychee fruit along with extracts of tea leaf and other ingredients. The creators of this product claim that it can help speed up your metabolism, curb your appetite, burn fat and improve your body’s capability to absorb nutrients. The Lichi Super Fruit can also improve an individual’s vascular and heart health, delay aspects of aging, and give essential vitamins and minerals.

Tea Extracts In Lichi

Some other important ingredients which can be found in Lichi Super Fruit Diet pill are extracts of tea leaf (black, green and Oolong). The main function of these extracts is to speed up one’s metabolism and oxidation of fat. The product contain green tea which is one of the highest rated supplements for losing weight.

Green tea is an ingredient that has been proven clinically but needs to be taken at the right dosage to really create an impact. Another valuable ingredient is Cayenne pepper which has been found to contain thermogenic properties that can naturally boost an individual’s metabolism.

Where To Buy

Lichi Super Fruit Diet Products can be purchased from Amazon for just over 20$ for 90 softgels. They have a range of different products to choose from, the best customer rated product out of the Amazon lichi range got 3 stars.

Do We Recommend Lichi Products?

After reading the many different customer reviews about the lichi diet products online we do not think it has powerful enough ingredients for weight loss, so if it weight loss your looking for we would not recommend it.

Alternative Product (For Fast Weight Loss)

Raspberry ketones diet pills recently recommended by Dr Oz on his show has been taking the world by storm, and all raspberry ketone products sold out in just days.

Raspberry Ketone Plus has not only 100mg of ketones per pill, but also contains Acai Berry and Green Tea & African Mango for that extra weight loss benefits push.

Lose weight safely every week and at the right pace, this product has a 30 day money back guarantee so you can be sure that it does what it claims to do.

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