Mangosteen: Natural Diet Pills

Its common brand names are XanGo, Mango- Xan and Mangosteen plus. This refers to a fruit, tropical for that matter which is grown in hot and humid climates of the Southeast Asia.

It is not peeled like oranges but rather it is slip by twisting or pressing it firmly on the outside till it breaks. In North America, the fruit is most common in Canada and Hawaii. These fruits are however restricted for import in into the continental United States.

This is because they attract many insects into the region. Why people use mangosteen People just eat mangosteen just like they would do for any other type of fruit. This pericarp has been used for quite some time in Southeast Asia for purposes of medication.

The Benefits Of Mangosteen Are

Has powerful antioxidants Very Good Treatment for your Skin Effective treatment for arthritis May help improve the symptoms of Acne May help prevent against (MRSA) About Mangosteen

This fruit was used many years for making tea which was used to treat conditions such as bladder infection, diarrhea and also gonorrhea. Some ointment was also extracted from the fruit and used in treatment of skin rashes. Thanks to research work conducted in different parts of the globe, the mangosteen fruit has been realized to treat more health conditions.

It contains substances that are useful for fighting any cancer effects. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Many people use it as an antifungal, and an antibacterial. They are also used for antiseptic purposes in most test tube study cases. Why the popularity? This is a question that might linger in any persons mind especially in this case where we are discussing about the fruit itself.

In the most initial times of its use, mangosteen was only a reserve fruit for North America. A Utah-based marketing firm later introduced the XanGo which is a mangosteen juice in the year 2002. Most of the marketers of this juice have created such a great niche for the product across the globe. This network marketing company is in fact one of the fastest growing on the globe and so is the case for the formerly little known mangosteen fruit.

How does to work?

Other studies also state that the xanthones contained in mangosteen are more likely to cause nervous system breakdown and sedation effects. On the other hand, this can cause excess sedation if at all they are combined with other medication or herbs. Higher doses can be life threatening. The popularity of mangosteen is building slowly so many people across the world have not really come to appreciate it.

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